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Huey keeps your business agile by empowering employees to find colleagues faster than ever, right in Slack.

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Huey Org Chart Creator

Provide clarity throughout your organization

Works where your employees do

Our native Slack integration allows employees to search the org chart by Name, Title, Skill, and more. All from within Slack

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All access

Huey was designed to be available to all employees in your organization. Build your org chart in minutes and share it organization-wide

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No Design Required

Huey is powerful org chart software that does not require any design, build your org chart in minutes for use in reports and communications


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A word from the Founder

Sean McAuliffe Founder Sean McAuliffe Founder

Huey was inspired by an experience that I went through with my previous business. After going through multiple mergers and feeling the frustration of not knowing who does what or how to get in touch with them and seeing the same frustration from my team I thought "there has to be a better way"  

This is why I built Huey.

Sean McAuliffe, Founder

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